AFM Titles In Sight For Jayson Uribe After Thunderhill Raceway Triumph

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A mere eight weeks after a terrifying crash that saw Jayson Uribe in need of a bicep repair the young Californian was back on track at Thunderhill Raceway, taking a 3rd and two wins after starting from Pole Position to head the overall standings in the three categories in which he competes.

Aboard his CBR1000RR Honda machine, Jayson once again showed his raw natural talent, despite still only being at 75% full fitness and is now focused on the next round of the AFM Series, where a finish in the points should see him wrap up the titles!
Uribe’s commitment to the cause is visible for all to see.

Unable to race at Sonoma Raceway, when MotoAmerica was in town, he joined Michael Hill and Robbie Floyd on TV commentary, fully aware of the importance of media and sponsor promotion. His intentions back then were clear, to return to the track and continue with his AFM Championship quest. With a double win and a third place finish he achieved it.

Jayson Uribe:
“The weekend went pretty well at Thunderhill. We had no issues with the bike, so everything went mechanically to plan. Also, with my fitness there were no real issues which was a weight off my mind. I had three races and qualified on Pole for all of them. In the first race I ended up in third place after getting involved in a battle that I didn’t really want to be involved in. I was trying to play it smart and avoid a hazardous situation and I ended up getting caught out. It is what it is, and we still took a podium. I learned a lot and how I needed to change my riding style for the later races. The main race – Formula Pacific – went really well. I made a good start and passed a few people into turn one and tried my best to check out. We finished with a twelve second lead and I’m super satisfied. I would have liked to have won all three, but we leave Thunderhill will the points lead in all three classes. I am excited to move onto the next round and see where things go. I will stay safe and smart, and if I finish in the points, I wrap up the titles. Big thanks to everyone who supports me.”